During the rule of the Ottoman Empire (14th to early 20th century) Chermoula was a popular spice mixture used to flavour fish dishes like 'Chermoula' fish which is made from tuna or salmon marinated in Chermoula, it is also used to flavour grilled meat, fish and vegetables.
The Romanian influence on the Middle East has also made Chermoula a very popular spice in Romania.
Chermoula could be described as a typical Mediterranean flavour and is one of the main spices used in Moroccan cuisine. It is also widely used in Libyan, Tunisian and Algerian cuisine.
The recipe for Chermoula has many variations, typically it is made with cumin seeds, garlic and coriander, other spices such as coriander seed or fennel seeds may be added, and some recipes also call for saffron or preserved lemon.
Chermoula can come in paste form, or as a sauce or rub. It can also be written as Charmoula.
Its popularity has reached the United Kingdom, you can easily purchase ready-made Chermoula in most of the major supermarkets such as Waitrose and Tesco. Mindful Chef offers a Chermoula option with lentil and online it is easy to find chermoula recipes such as
Zing Foods specialises in creating the most amazing range of flavoured coconut cooking oils. The Moroccan (Paprika Spiced) Coconut Cooking oil is inspired by the flavours of Chermoula. The spices are gently roasted and crushed before being blended with an organic coconut cooking oil. The Oil has been gently refined with a gentle steam extraction, this removes the coconut taste and smell creating the perfect odourless oil to add delicious spiced flavours.
All of the Zing Foods Spiced Coconut Cooking Oils can be gently fried, roasted or melted onto vegetables meat or fish. They add instant delicious spiced flavours and lift food to the next level.
Check out some great spiced coconut cooking oil recipes
One of my favourite summer recipes using the Morrocan spiced oils is the Spiced Mediterranean BBQ Salad, it is really fast and easy to make and is a fun twist to add to the BBQ lineup.
Spiced Mediterranean BBQ Salad
Servings: 2-4
Timings: Prep 5mins - Cooking - Cooling down time 15mins
1 Red pepper
1 Yellow pepper
2 Tbsp cashew nuts
150g Cherry tomatoes - cut in half
1/2 Tin of haricot beans (drained & rinsed)
1 Tbsp Capers
2 Tbsp Zing Foods Paprika Spiced Coconut Cooking oil
1 Handful of green olives
1 Handful of watercress
1 Handful of wild rocket leaves
To garnish
1/2 Red chilli sliced, 1/2 small handful of parsley leaves, salt & pepper to taste
Deseed and cut the peppers into 1/4s pieces - BBQ 5mins, slice and set aside to add to salad.
Melt the Spiced coconut cooking oil in a frying pan and add the tomatoes, cashew nuts, haricot beans and olives and warm through for 1 minute until the oil has melted. Mix in the sliced peppers. When cooled to room temperature, add the salad leaves, then pile the ingredients onto a serving dish. Finish with freshly squeezed lemon juice, parsley, chilli slices, salt & pepper


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