Do you love or hate Coriander?

I love it! So I was confused as to why there is a whole Facebook group dedicated to the evils of Coriander!

Coriander aversion may not be your fault; If you have a particular gene type, Coriander will taste like soap.

Wow, that sucks!  

If you fall into this category, look away and become the 25,066 members of I'm even thinking of joining just because the posts are so entertaining. 

For those remaining, I can tell you a bit about this ancient herb without offending.

Coriander is a spicy, aromatic herb used in Asian and European cooking.  

It was first mentioned in Sanskrit literature over 4,000 years ago as a medicinal plant to eliminate intestinal gas.

It is part of the parsley family, and it is also known as Chinese parsley or Cilantro.

People with a birch pollen allergy may also be allergic to Coriander because they belong to the same botanical family.

The fruits resemble small, brown crescent moons, hence the name "coriander" from the Greek word for "pear." 

It is a popular immune system booster due to its high levels of antioxidants and has been used in traditional folk medicine to treat colds and indigestion.

Coriander is one of the main ingredients of The Zing Foods Aromatic Lemongrass Coconut Cooking Oil, lending itself to the Thai flavours.

You can find some delicious recipe ideas and amazing flavoured coconut cooking oils that have Coriander in the ingredients by clicking the link in the bio.

There are some great Coriander recipes out there:

Delia Smith - Carrot and Coriander Soup

Zing Foods - Asian Pineapple Rice

BBC Good Food - Chimichurri -


If you meant to look away but were drawn to this post and now regret it, you can seek solace in this article


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